Monday, June 18, 2007

Feeling it

On Saturday, Lynne and I went to watch The Feeling in Delamere Forest. Someone in work had a pair of spare tickets, and sold me them for somewhat less than the face value - bargainaceous! So I surprised Lynne with it on Friday evening - she was really excited.

The band were brilliant - very theatrical, some would even say a little cheesy. They did basically the same crowd-pleasing set as last time (Lynne & Anna saw them at Manchester Apollo); basically the whole of Twelve Stops and Home, with a couple of brilliant covers (The Buggles' Video Killed The Radio Star, and Queen's Fat Bottomed Girls - yes!). They played one new song - I thought there might be more, but apparently they're only just recording the new album, so maybe it's not been practiced much yet.

They really got the crowd going, and the atmosphere was brilliant - a real mix of people. I'd definitely go to see a band at Delamere again, it was a fantastic experience. We even stayed dry!

The support band, Ghosts, were rather good too. Pretty similar to The Feeling, really - more cheesy rock. I'd looked on their website on Friday, thinking I could download some songs to listen to in the car on the way down to the gig. But they only had a crappy Flash player. Luckily, armed with a copy of Firefox's Live HTTP Headers extension, I was able to find the links to the tracks and download the MP3s. W00t! (Their album, The World Is Outside, is out today by the way.)