Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Lynne, the Beast and I went to North Wales at the weekend, staying in a very cosy cottage near Caernarfon. Surprisingly, we managed to get some walking done - and in fact probably got more exercise than usual, what with having to push a pram round and all. Pictures, as usual can be found at my Flickr page.

We did a walk around Beddgelert Forest; we thought it would be a good one to do since it would be good forest tracks all the way round. We had done a good few miles and got almost back to the car park, hitting no bigger obstacles than the odd sticky-out stone. However, the path suddenly seemed to peter out - what was a 4x4-sized track quickly descended into something navigable only by foot. A bit of a problem with a pram. So we scouted ahead, and it became clear that our problems were only just beginning. The path continued for a couple of hundred yards and abruptly stopped at a barbed-wire fence, with a steeply-banked ditch and a stream at the other side! We were far too stubborn to go back at this point, so we dismantled the pram, and somehow between us managed to transport it over the fence, across the stream and down a short section of railway line on the other side. (Remembering to stop, look and listen, kids!) Of course, the Beast slept through the whole rain-soaked affair.

When the track resumed, of course, there was a large sign indicating that the footpath was closed. Well, thanks a lot.

An excellent holiday in any case - and there was actually a lot more room in the boot of the car than I expected, what with the pram wheels taking up a ridiculous amount of room. For such a small creature, the Beast doesn't half bring a lot of stuff. I'd recommend the RSPB reserve at Conwy - even if it is a little close to the A55. And despite a dismal failure one night, we managed to get a roaring fire lit the next night, due to (even if I do say so myself) superb caveman skills on my part.

Friday, October 20, 2006

Frist Psot

OK, well here's my first post on my blog. Yay!